Believe It or Not - Kid's Love Discipline!

Discipline can make the difference! Gaining self-discipline is one of the greatest habits that will prepare your child for adulthood. When you teach a child how to become self-disciplined, you are giving them one of the most important tools for their future success and happiness.

Children who develop self-discipline tend to be more self-motivated, get things done without needing to be told, follow through on tasks and goals, and posse a better sense of self-worth. It’s easy to see how developing these qualities can help prepare a child for adulthood.

Most people associate negative feelings with discipline

Most people associate negative feelings with discipline. They tend to think discipline is punishment, or a disciplined lifestyle is a strict lifestyle—void of any real fun.

Yet, the truth is the exact opposite. Discipline is teaching your child the way they should go. One of the synonyms for discipline is education. When we discipline our children and teach them self-discipline, we are teaching them the way they should go. Thus, preparing them for what’s yet to come.

Believe it or not - kids love discipline

The University of Illinois Extension Family Works series, Strategies for Building Stronger Families makes some good points about teaching self-discipline. 

They emphasize that though teenagers want to establish independence and make their own decisions, they are apt to feel hurt if parents don’t show any interest in what they are thinking and doing. Although they may not express it, teens want and require reasonable limits in their lives. Maybe these young people instinctively know that in the real world they will be entering (where the report card is a paycheck), they are going to need all the knowledge, confidence, and discipline they can get.

4 Easy and Remarkable Ways to Teach Self-Discipline

Number One: Teach them to follow through 

Don’t let emotions dictate actions. Sometimes children don’t follow through on tasks or chores because “they don’t feel like it”. This type of behavior teaches children to make decisions purely on emotions. Instead, following through on things even when they don’t feel like it will help them gain the inner-strength to do what’s right.

Number Two: Put them on a schedule

At the America’s Best Defense, we encourage parents to put their kids on a consistent training schedule. This helps children learn how to follow through and stick to a schedule. This weekly habit of training builds the habit of sticking to things and teaches the principle of “work before play”. Helping kids design a schedule and then teaching them to follow that schedule will helps them learn to discipline themselves to do what needs to be done.  

Number Three: Reward self-discipline

The greatest management principle in the world is: “What gets rewarded gets done!”  Kids love recognition and rewards. Rewarding children every time they do something without being told is a great way to reinforce good behavior. Also, chore lists are great, especially if you set up a reward system for following through.

Number Four:  Model Self-Discipline.

This is by far the greatest challenge when rearing children. We teach what we know, but we duplicate what we are. When children see self-discipline modeled, they tend to be more disciplined themselves. Take time to explain to children what self-discipline is, and why it’s important to learn to do things without someone making them. It’s okay to “remind” them to get things done—but we shouldn’t have to make them. 

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