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  • A friend of mine from work (Ashley Dawes who is now a black belt) kept talking about a martial arts program and how much she loved it. Each week it was a new story about the techniques she was learning, her physical progress and overall how great this self defense system called Krav Maga was. I was without a doubt intrigued but my lack of self esteem continued to get in my way. As far as I was concerned I wasn't strong enough, fast enough, brave enough or in any way good enough to do something that badass.

    Then one day Ashley once again invited me to “Buddy Week” and I surprisingly agreed to go. I showed up for my first class a little nervous but with an open mind. At the end of class the instructor Mr. Wilson thanked us buddies for coming and informed us about a women's self defense seminar the following week and I instantly signed up. The following week I attended the seminar and that was it, I was hooked and signed up to be a student almost immediately.

    I am currently an advanced red belt and if you had told me three years ago I would be training for a black belt in Israeli hand to hand combat I would have thought you were crazy. I unfortunately have had a history where I have been a victim of attacks and sexual assault, but I was determined to ensure that it would never happen again. I started as a white belt scared of the techniques that I would have to learn and practice, and constantly doubting myself. What kept me going were the people in this school. The students here are  all eager to learn and want to see their peers succeed, but what I was most impressed with were the instructors. Mr. Wilson and the others are without a doubt very passionate about what they do and genuinely care about their students. They took the time to listen to me, understand my motives for training, and work through my anxieties to help me progress. Krav Maga has undoubtedly improved my life on and off the mat.

    Liz A.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Leslie F.

    The instructors at ABD are truly amazing! Every single one of them. They have patience with the kids even the small hard to corral ones. I get a little choked up every time I hear them say the Dojo creed. They make it about self discipline and respect for themselves and others. My son has taken Kenpo there for five years and loves every sweaty minute.

    Leslie F.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Kristen W.

    It has only been 6 weeks of training with ABD, but my life has drastically changed for the better - I am physically stronger, more confident, and just happier than I was before I started training. I have always considered myself an athlete, but now - with the "borrowed confidence" of the incredible staff and instructors of ABD, I can envision myself becoming a fierce warrior someday. Things in my life are starting to "click" into place, singing harmoniously with this new martial arts lifestyle. My diet, sleeping habits - everything is now aligning towards my new goal: to become my best self---which you absolutely WILL if you decide to take this program. It might possibly be the most brutal and rewarding thing I've ever done. It has helped me tackle challenges that formerly terrified me, both on and off the mat.

    With these incredible, instructors, you will learn exactly how to face and conquer the obstacles standing in the way of your best self. The question is, are you ready to take the leap? I can honestly say I've seen progress never thought possible from myself - and I'm only a white belt! The warmth, encouragement, and sheer awesomeness that radiates from ABD always has me leaving with a smile on my face. That sense of community, the instructors and their endless passion for Krav and teaching is what makes this place so great.

    Kristen W.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Jill O.

    Both my children have been in karate for many years , my son started karate here at ABD when he was 5 years olds and just last year earned his black belt at the age of 12. My daughter who will be 11 this year is soon to be testing for hers. Karate has made them responsible , modest , polite and all around fantastic kids. It has helped my son immensely with his schoolwork and work habits. Thank you to all the fabulous instructors at ABD !!!

    Jill O.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Missy R.

    ABD has the best teachers! You can tell that they really love their job and the kids! I am so happy with the growth Reilly has shown. Thank you

    Missy R.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Amanda W.

    My daughter has been going to ABD since last August. The change I have seen in her is amazing. She has so much more respect for not only herself.. but others as well.. Her confidence has also increased dramatically.

    Amanda W.
  • America's Best Defense Attleboro Kali S.

    This place is great! Not only is it clean and everyone is friendly they really make you feel like you matter. My whole family is in classes from little dragons, kickboxing and krav maga. The instructors are wonderful, and I am glad to have such positive influences be part of my daughter's life. Karate has taught her much more than just karate - she's learned self control, focus, and respect among with some other things. It really is like an extended family.

    Kali S.


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